Blu Dot Headquarters – Minneapolis

  • Client Blu Dot,
  • Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • If you haven’t been lucky enough to hear of Blu Dot, today is your lucky day. The company designs and sells some of the most beautiful modern furniture available. Their new headquarters is locates in small warehouse space, and has a very open feel to it. The space is furnished with many of their own products, making it not only their office but showroom as well.

    The office itself is very bright from a combination of natural light and light wall color. One of my favorite features of the office are the miniature models of their furniture on the large center shelving units. Each workstation is equipped with plenty of shelving, workspace, and privacy, though not enough to feel closed off. The conference space is very large, though rather long, which might make collaboration and discussion difficult if the whole team were assembled. However, if I worked there, I’d go for a long lunch and ask the ceramic animals to fill me in on the details.