Novan & Vesson’s Architecture Offices

  • Client Novan & Vesson,
  • Location A Coruña, Spain,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Located on the northwest coast of Spain lies the city of A Coruña. Within this city lies ones of the most interesting examples of interior architecture we’ve ever seen here at Office Snapshots. Novan & Vesson is both the architect and client for today’s post, and have they ever given us something to talk about.

    Beginning with the exterior of the building we get very enticing and aesthetically pleasing thoughts in our head, which is surely important branding for any architecture firm. As we continue inside, our senses continue to be stimulated as there are lots of new and different features to view. The furnishings are all very non-traditional including the jagged desk and wooden-slatted stool chairs. This is all intermixed with exposed brickwork, lovely white walls and accents, doors where no doors are needed, and freestanding mid-room sinks.

    Alright, my senses are awake. What do you all think of this space?

    DesignNovan & Vesson