Epic Systems Corp’s Intergalactic HQ

With a name like Epic Systems Corporation, it’s no wonder this company has one of the most beautiful campuses we’ve ever seen. Their headquarters are located in Verona, Wisconsin, and is just about as grandiose as an office complex can come.

The company specializes in software for medium to large sized medical groups, and has given some medical groups a major advantage in patient care because of their product. With computerized patient records becoming the most popular thing since sliced bread, this company has nowhere to go up up.

The campus is absolutely beautiful and stunningly green, with a calming stream running through the middle of the property. Sometimes large campuses can take on a large, ominous, office park look that is just plain and blah, but this place really has nice detail and character that make the outside pleasing to take in with at least 7 or 8 senses. Just look at how happy those horses are to look at it in the distance.

A couple things of note. All employees have private offices, the huge employee auditorium, the Indiana Jones hallway, bears and Knights. Need I say more?

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