Dinahosting Offices

  • Client Dinahosting,
  • Location Santiago de Compostela, Spain,
  • Industry Hosting,
  • If for some reason you’ve always wondered where to register an .es domain and didn’t know how to go about doing so, today is your lucky day. Dinahosting helps you register your .es domain, and they provide you hosting for your new purchase.

    OK, so maybe Dinahosting isn’t the most exciting company in the world, but their office, located in beautiful Santiago de Compostela, Spain, more than makes up for it. Just look at it. They use shipping containers like most companies use IKEA furniture. They’re all over the place, stacked on top of each other in places. Many of their offices and even their bathrooms are located inside of shipping containers. Even their color scheme is envy-inducing. I think we can all agree, Dinahosting’s office is amazing.