The Adobe Tour – Waltham, MA – Office Snapshots

  • Client Adobe,
  • Year 2010
  • Location Waltham, Massachusetts, United States,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Massachusetts and visiting the brand new Adobe office in Waltham thanks to Greg Hoffmeister at T3 Advisors.

    The new Adobe Building, which is 6 floors of LEED Platinum beauty, was a spectacular sight to see. The structure was recently finished and moved into, but still had some new building kinks to work out. One example was the light harvesting system, which was malfunctioning and keeping the building fairly darkened during our visit.

    Entering was quite exciting with the wonderful entryway, complete with an invention wall, which highlighted many patents that the offices employees held. The interior space of the building was just about as new and polished as you could imagine, with much of the building being unused at this time. One of the neat features was the community meeting room on the lower level that is open to any local non-profits organizations that need somewhere to meet.

    As you can see, the office space is fairly straightforward, with employees having the opportunity to select their desk options, which were made by Herman Miller. The building also has a couple large training rooms that can house a number of people looking to advance their skills with Adobe products. Another interesting feature was the wall coating in some areas, which was basically paint-on whiteboard created by IdeaPaint.

    You’re should also know about the cafeteria rating system which is pretty ingenious. A red ball in the bucket means ‘try again’, yellow means ‘good’, and green means ‘very good’. This allows the chefs to come up with meal options the staff actually enjoy.