37 Signals’ New Office

When it comes to signals, 36 is too few and 38 is too many. That’s why 37 Signals has been so successful and why they are able to have the office we are lucky to see today.

These offices are located in a large industrial shell, with high ceilings, large windows, and enough non-standard features to give boring offices a headache. To begin, the wood millwork, cork and felt walls, desks, and blackboard walls and doors were built by hand by Stay-Straight Manufacturing. It’s not often to see such craftsmanship in an office built for a technology company, but it makes sense if the company views their work with as much pride as the old trade crafts of wood and steel.

The space is fairly open, with sections of desking located near the outer regions of the office and the common areas near the center. Some of these common areas include a large lunch area with a full kitchen and enough seating to house employees for both meetings and lunches. No doubt the most unique feature of the office are the chalkboards, which are both elegant and smart. The desk spines are fantastic looking, and a great way to spice up the work place while matching the dark wood in the flooring.

Photography: Chris Barrett