SOUTH & BROWSE is reality television production company located in Berlin, Germany. I haven’t personally seen any of the shows they produce, but they sounds pretty promising. Some of the (probably) favorites include Tattoo Attack, Perfekte Party, and Das Model und der Freak (which I think is the German version of Beauty and the Geek).

The office, designed by BERLINRODEO, is located in a 19th century office building, and it features dedicated spaces for editing and for sound recording. The office does an amazing job of being super-modern and chic while still maintaining the feel of the original building. The large windows really give the office a light, open feel, and the view of the neighboring buildings serves as a reminder of the history of the space. The sink in the bathroom, while it may not be the most practical thing in the world, is definitely a unique and interesting feature. Full doors for every stall though: that is both wonderful AND practical.