Bartle Bogle Hegerty (BBH) Offices – Shanghai

For some people, working from home is a dream. For others (me), working from home is impossible due to the non-work distractions. For employees of Bartle Bogle Hegerty’s Shanghai office, working from home while working at an office is the happy medium.

The space was designed by Asylum, and was intended to be a starting point of social commentary on the frantic pace of Shanghai construction. As a result, the space looks half-finished with what look like holes in the floor, unfinished ceilings, and uneven lighting fixtures that almost mimic construction lighting.

Working in the office however, seems to be much of the same for employees beyond the materials and style of the space. Desks are pretty standard for creative-type companies, though the conference spaces are quite different. Examining the effectiveness of an advertisement in the likes of a home kitchen or your kids’ bedroom seem like fairly new concepts.