Group8 Studio Offices

  • Client Group8,
  • Year 2010
  • Location Geneva, Switzerland,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Group8 has probably created one of the most unique office spaces on the planet with their own office entitled ‘Cargo’. Shipping containers are one of the most important inventions and helped to transform the shipping industry with their uniform size. This office featuring them might not transform the office design industry, but it does set them apart from other similar companies.

    The office is a brilliant white color which is only broken up by the color of the shipping containers, people, computers, and chairs. The shipping containers are used for several functions beyond the simple eye candy factor. First, they act as private offices that break up the open office bullpen. And secondly, they are used as conference space to again, break away from the loud openness of the open areas.

    The rest of the office is very orderly with a wonderful resource library along one wall. Workstations are fairly normal, but were created with assistance from furniture manufacturer Dynamobel.

    Photography: Régis Golay