Basta!Media Gruppe Offices

  • Client Basta Media Gruppe,
  • Location Cologne, Germany,
  • Industry Design,
  • Located deep in the heart of Cologne, Germany, Basta Media Gruppe develops Joomla websites and manages social media campaigns for many different German companies.

    The company’s offices are locates in a loft with exactly two doors; an entrance and one for the WC. The space is a lovely brick structure that is very open, exactly what a company of this type needs to keep their energy focused on the task. They also have a foosball table, which is of course, an absolute must. No spinnies though (that’s cheating). The space is organized with employees around the outer edge of the office, with a resource library down the middle, and a conference space at the far end of the office. Lots of light, tall ceilings add a lot to the office as well.

    Images snapped by Thorsten Bastian and Jörg Gebauer.

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