Spotwelders Office

Space designed by WORK Architecture Company. Here is their writeup:

Spotwelders is a video-editing facility. Video-editing is an intense process, requiring rooms with good acoustic and light control. We also discovered that video-editing is a process requiring a large amount of space for lounging. Clients come to the facility and remain for days. Unlike the editing suites, the lounges require comfortable and light-filled spaces.

Spotwelders occupies 5,000 square feet on the top floor of a triangular-shaped building near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. The space has 42 windows. Our project revolved around the concept of inserting an “object” that would maintain a free perimeter and – through its shape – create both ideal editing suites within and a series of private lounges without. The result is a distorted cross that creates the four, differently-sized editing suites: the rounded sides of the cross “carve out” discrete lounges, one for each editing suite. The object is painted bright orange, creating a vibrant presence.

In order to give the editing suites their own individual identity, we developed a custom carpet based on Warhol’s “Flower” paintings. We applied Warhol’s technique to an existing carpet pattern; the manufacturer allowed us to replace all of the original colors with our own for no additional cost. We created green, blue, yellow and pink carpets for the editing suites. Custom-designed couches and furniture pick up on the carpet colors.

The “object” also creates a sweeping entrance containing a walnut reception desk and waiting bench. Beyond, and below a dramatic existing north-facing skylight, we created the “park:” an area of tables for sitting and dining on a grass-patterned surface. The kitchen is aluminum-faced panels and there is a separate back-of-house area containing administrative offices and a conference room with a new 12-foot wide window looking out over the city.

DesignWORK Architecture Company