All Global Offices – London

  • Client All Global,
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Today’s space was designed by Mansfield Monk, they share the following details:

    “The relocation of All Global to their new London office in The Tea Building, Shoreditch High Street, required an open working environment allowing easy communication. The client also requested that the new office design and fit-out work in harmony with the many existing interior features of the space.

    Using the company’s strong colour branding we highlighted the space’s attributes and retained the stunning 1930’s tiling and cast-concrete flooring. The layout creates a dynamic flow between spaces and capitalises on the available natural daylight. A distinctive workspace that facilitated communication between departments and retained the interior’s industrial charm was achieved as well a successful office relocation.”

    Personally, the space looks great, though I would have a hard time working in that large of an open space. I am also fond of the globe wall sconce covers, very original. The flat red/white wall coloring are in excellent contrast with the very rough floor choice.

    Photos by Mike Goldwater.