Art Lebedev Design Studio

  • Client Art Lebedev Studio,
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Design,
  • A few years back, I remembered hearing about a magical new keyboard where the keys were programmable lcd screens that could be arranged in just about any order. Little did I know that when I first read about that product, years later, I would be writing about their office space.

    The company responsible, Art Lebedev Studio, headquartered in Moscow, has a very unique office styling that is fairly uncommon for Office Snapshots. I decided that each space is basically the equivalent of a home office desk, with the decorations and clutter that just about every office space seems to collect. The fun thing about this space is that we can actually see it.

    While the space has a varied office layout, the majority of its employees are in open, bullpen style offices. One of my favorite elements is that the lighting isn’t harsh and bright, but rather appropriate for each desk. The office is also cluttered with design items spanning many decades, giving employees many different inspiration points. The gallery is a bit larger than most, but enjoy!

    Photos by Zyalt.