thelab Offices – NYC

  • Client thelab,
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Design,
  • thelab is a creative media company based out of New York City, which has a spectacular office space. We were able to interview the vp of the company, Julian Schlaver, and get a lot of detailed information about their space. For that interview, click here.

    The space has a wide variety of visual elements including smooth white, wood, brick, and rough cement. The offices are spread over a large footprint and employees work at several arrangements of desks. Some employees have tall workstations bar-height seating so they can come and go much easier, while other employees have more traditional desk levels.

    The office also has a wonderful balcony where employees can catch some sun, or enjoy office events outside. The entryway to the office is one of the most interesting features, with a visually-pleasing curved cieling that beckons one to enter.

    For greater detail and information, see our interview regarding this space.