Splash Productions Office – Singapore

  • Client Splash Productions,
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Design,
  • Deep in the heart of Singapore lies the open and creative offices of Splash Productions. The company works in design, editorial services, and branding.

    The offices are essentially a big room, with an interesting mix of wide open space and smaller rail-system employee workstations. While the office isn’t basking in natural light, it does have some fun ‘idea’ light graphics on the glass wall space. They also have a large library for employee learning opportunities and design inspiration. Employees were also involved in creating the space from the design to helping source the material that make up the interior.

    There is so much space in this office, it basically goes against the common idea of fit as much stuff into your square-footage as possible to maximize your cost per sq ft. Simple things like overcrowding can be very detrimental to your workplace by creating an almost claustrophobic environment where distraction is an easier option than work. I also love that they post their values on the wall near the entrance.