Büro Coworking Offices – Miami

  • Client Büro Miami,
  • Location Miami, Florida, United States,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Coworking is all the rage and today’s space is a new project located in Miami called Büro Miami. The space offers several workspace options for all of your workspace needs: single desks, suites, pods, and stations. The office also includes all of the amenities of any other shared office space like internet, kitchen, printing, and conference spaces. From Michael Feinstein, the creator:

    “The office is roughly 10,000 square feet and is located in Midtown’s iconic rotunda space (featuring wraparound floor to ceiling windows). The office currently features 20 private suites, 40 open desks, 8 cubes and various long communal work tables. It is very modern-chic with lots of open space and natural light.

    The office was designed by Fanny Haim & Associates – a leading design agency based in Florida. The architect was Adriano Garcia.”