David Baker + Partners Architecture Offices

During my last visit to San Francisco, I was told that the offices of David Baker + Partners Architecture were pretty great. Luckily, I was able to secure a visit and the opportunity to shoot a few pictures of the space.

Located at 2nd and Bryant, in a great building, which coincidentally was renovated by them, the offices sit on the ground floor with huge windows that look out into a wonderful patio area. The space itself is separated into two levels, with workstations on both, and a great conference space on the ground level. The conference space is hidden behind two huge monolithic doors that rotate open and are magnetically held open.

There is a lot of wood, metal, brickwork throughout the space, which gives it a great old-warehouse feel. There is also a bike storage area in the back that hold bike in the air, suspended by cabling. In one area of the office, there are balsa models displayed, and in another, a model creating station. Lastly, the office has two cats, which are definitely a first for any office I’ve ever seen, but David, the founder rescued them and decided to give them a home. One employee mentioned that the best part about them is that they are quiet. They are also fond of catching bird on the patio.