X3 Offices – Romania

  • Client X3,
  • Location Timișoara, Romania,
  • Industry Design,
  • X3, a creative design company based in Timișoara, Romania, that is…

    “committed to excellence in all its forms. We are dedicated to delivering high impact results that exceed expectations. Born in 2001 as a one-man business, we have grown into a design studio recognized for our committment to excellence. We had the pleasure to work on all kinds of projects, from new niche products and services, to complex rebranding processes for big corporations.

    The office space is wonderful, probably one of the best creative spaces I’ve seen.  One of the things I appreciate is that the space is clean, but also well-detailed, making it homely and comfortable.  Instead of bland walls, the space has fun items around to catch one’s attention.  Individual workstations are not jammed into one area, but rather mingled in different areas with comfortable group seating areas.

    Of course, having a lot of wood makes any space might more visually appealing.  While I do spy Ikea seating on one space, the remainder of the furniture seems to be individual pieces or custom items like the conference table.  One last interesting feature of the space is the swivel wall/tv in the conference space that creates a useful barrier when in use.