Mangrove Internet Agency Offices

  • Client Mangrove,
  • Location Rotterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Design,
  • Gone are the days when the term mangrove refers to swampy hell-holes.  Say hello to the new Mangrove, a wooden and cement office wonderland that houses the full service internet company.

    The office is located in Rotterdam and has a lot of natural light that makes the space glow.  There is a large amount of wood throughout the space, giving a it very European feel. One of the neat features I most appreciate are the Apple IIe conference room.  The large square table, with fantastic-looking multi-level lamps, is a perfect space for larger meetings.

    Teams seem to be spread out and divided into differentworkgroups along the main access corridor.  Each employee has an ample amount of desktop space and computer firepower. Each zone also has a large amount of shelf space that work well as display boxes for fun items. And of course they have draught beer.