Roorda Offices

  • Client Roorda,
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Roorda is an advertising design company located in an old industrial building group in Amsterdam and has a no-nonsense interior. The essence of the design in this hall is a wood  ‘runner’ from the entrance through the hallway and then a winding staircase into the boardroom. The hall has had a special interpretation to the unique focus of the company has made. The offices have lockable doors with big orange felt, so the degree of open or closed nature of these sites entirely user-determined. Partly because the property has received a maximum transparency, and bathes it all in a sea of light.”

    The company’s space is very much an old factory building, right down to the slanted roof. The company has employed a large corridor that can be used for all hands on deck meetings.  Offices line the second level, giving employees shared work zones with teams separated by single walls, but essentially still connected. Stage lighting surrounds the office and gives it a wonderful atmosphere that is fitting with the company’s goal.

    The office project was completed by Concern.