The VKontakte Offices

  • Client VKontakte,
  • Location Saint Petersburg, Russia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Located in the heart of the St. Petersburg, Russia’s window to the west, VKontakte has a space that is unique to say the least. VKontakte is essentially Russia’s Facebook.

    The office is located in the old Singer Building, which used to be a factory for the sewing company Singer. The has long been renovated into a business building, in which the company has created several rooms that were taken directly out of the Middle Ages. There are not many companies to work for where you can have a meeting next to a skeleton, under a torture rack, and around a table from an evil lair.

    That being said, the rest of the office space is fairly normal for modern office standards. White walls, long hallways with groupings of employees. Standard of course, unless you count the roof access and view from the top of the building. Fun stuff. More images and description here.