RocketSpace Coworking – San Francisco

I was up in San Francisco a while back and had the opportunity to check out RocketSpace, a tech coworking office located in the SOMA district.

One unique aspect of this space is that they only allow tech companies to rent space, as opposed to others where anyone from any business sector can rent space.  This tech-only atmosphere has made RocketSpace popular with funded companies that aren’t necessarily willing to spend big bucks on their own space. Cross-pollination with other tech companies is something that can be a blessing as well.

The space looks great, hosts well-known speakers, serves beer, and doesn’t mess around with charging for every little amenity. You might notice that RocketSpace is filled with Turnstone furniture. Interestingly enough, the space serves as an unofficial showroom for the brand where potential customers wanting to see their products actually being used can do so.

I’m unsure of why it slipped my mind to post these, by in any case here they are. Many thanks to Duncan Logan for the opportunity to visit!