Thumbtack’s Offices

  • Client Thumbtack,
  • Year 2011
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Thumbtack is an online marketplace for local services that ‘helps small businesses and independent professionals easily market themselves online’ and is ‘a trusted destination for consumers who seek to book local services of all kinds – plumbers, wedding photographers, math tutors, magicians… anything.’

    While we’ve been looking at a lot if high budget spaces recently, taking a look at Thumbtack reminds us of what a good, youthful space can be. Sander Daniels from the company had this to say:

    “We work out of a converted old industrial building in downtown San Francisco. It used to be a foundry before being converted into a photography studio, but all the while it has retained its original exposed brick and timber frame. The photographer who owns the place did a lot of food and kitchen photography and installed a huge, open kitchen to use as a set, giving the place a very unique look and feel.

    Our favorite part is all the exposed brick and timber. It makes the space airy and warm — it’s an incredibly pleasant environment.

    Having a place that we love being in makes going to work enticing, something that isn’t always the case. It’s a very homey space and one where we’re happy to spend our days — so much so that you can basically always find someone here, day and night, weekdays and weekends.”