Harley Davidson’s India Headquarters

  • Client Harley Davidson,
  • Location Gurugram, India,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • When Harley Davidson decided to move in to the Indian market in 2010, they chose to build their headquarters in Gurgaon, the country’s leading industrial and financial center. Morphogenesis, an award-winning architecture firm was chosen to build out the project.

    Using company colors, full motorcycles, and even random parts, the office was designed to reflect the Harley Davidson brand. “The overall design intent has been kept minimalistic and contemporary, to focus on the blend of the brand identity and the work ethos.”

    The space was also created to form specific areas where employee contact would occur naturally. “In order to create an interactive working atmosphere, the office space was conceived to be a single, unified, significant space with compact enclosures that would open up and transform into gathering spaces.”

    While the space is meant to convey the Harley Davidson brand, there was some care given to bring in some local design elements as well. One such feature is the jaalis, or perforated wall section that separate space while keeping a semi-private and open feeling.