DDB Singapore Offices

  • Client DDB,
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Design,
  • DDB is one of the world’s leading advertising agencies and have given us several wonderful office spaces to check out. Media Turgal DDB in Istanbul and Tribal DDB in Amsterdam.

    Today we will take a look at their Singapore space designed by BBFL. Here is a bit about the space:

    “The workspace concept that revolves around DDB’s office wasn’t just about its corporate colours or even the branding of its company but creating a collective space that leans towards the culture of the people in DDB itself. This lead us to create spaces in which improves and promotes inter-connectivity between creative individuals. To enhance this notion, spaces within the work environment weren’t crafted out with walls or any form of concealed demarcation, compositing to an open office setting. Territories are divided and screened by discussion and collaborative areas within the office.

    The aim was to enhance the current culture and to encourage a more lively work space, which will ultimately provide a better work flow. The workspaces are designed as long communal tables supporting an open office environment. The architects designed spaces that allow these communal areas to be part of the workspace. Discussion bars are dispersed within team work areas. Even libraries and the staff pantry spanning across both floors were used as collaborative spaces for discussions.

    Conference rooms were meant to be flexible and open where staff would frequently occupy for internal presentations and brain-storming sessions. Gym-like staggered benches were introduced for audiences to participate in these sessions. Arrival lobbies on the other floors were treated with interactive projection of the collection of works that inspired DDB and a source of expression for the staff.”