Goods Shed North Renovation – Melbourne, Australia

Goods Shed North was a renovation project for VicUrban led by BVN Architecture. The restored building was once a railway goods shed, but was converted into office space in 2010. Here is a little about the project

“Whilst the building’s historical exterior has been restored, the interior has been designed to be an innovative, contemporary, office space. Key historical elements of its interior have been retained whilst incorporating state-of-the-art technology. The design enables the organisations to foster a more innovative and collaborative work ethic through increased visibility and transparency and the creation of both active and passive project spaces within the building’s central zones.

By locating workspaces to the east and west side wings and retaining clear lines of sight through the building’s spine, multifunctional project spaces were created centrally within the base of the voids to ensure greater staff interaction and connectivity. Staff have been quick to engage with the work space, quiet rooms and public spaces, “a hallmark of the incredible success of the design team,” states Pru Sanderson, CEO of VicUrban.”

Photos by Peter Clarke and Anson Smart