The Revision3 Offices – The Office Snapshots Tour

I was able to pay Revision3 a visit during December and had a great time touring the office and studio with the CEO, Jim Louderback. Since we posted the space a number of months ago, the space has remained relatively similar in design and size, while the company has expanded its show offerings to an impressive 23.

Located in the dogpatch area of San Francisco, the space is housed in an impressive old brick-walled warehouse. The warehouse style allows for high ceilings that give a nice openness to the office, while allowing for full studio production space complete with sets, lights, etc..

One of my favorite features of the space was the huge windows that let in an impressive amount of light, while offering some visual stimulation. Some people will fault the company for having cubes, but they are cut so low that they hardly count as such. Props for all of the toys and decorations employees have as well.