Effetti Digitali Italiani Offices – Milan

From the architect; Robert Murgia:

“In the Chinatown of Milan, Effetti Digitali Italiani (EDI), category leader in the sector of post production for cinema and television, has opened its new headquarters in a converted a 50’s factory.

The light filters through a roof with beautiful vaulted sheds more than 7 meters high. Once full of metal work machinery, the space today is made of three navels, each thirty five meters long. The project focused on maintaining the original industrial nature of the space. Shaped like a large white box, the project is perforated by three new courtyards to enable the light to enter into the area without windows.

Once it moulded iron, today it processes bites that flow through the visible wires from the tech room to each work stations. The operative part is a large high ceilinged open space where big round table with 10 work stations are connected to one another with a system that provide them with data and electric energy, the raw materials for the production of virtual images. “