The Bright, Open, Multi-Level Offices of 4c Media

  • Client 4c Media,
  • Location Bayreuth, Germany,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Design,
  • 4c media is an advertising and web agency with ten experienced professionals who live online and know how to use the Web.

    Their office is located in an old brewhouse that was converted into the perfect space for inspiration. Employees have well-equipped workstations, with a lot of screen real estate and desk space. And of course to round out the equipment necessary for high performance, the space has a JURA Impressa Espresso machine.

    Tons of natural light floods the open work area throughout the day. That matched with the light color scheme, wooden floors, brick walls, and metal accents give the office a clean modern look. The conference space on the upper level looks great too.

    Company is located in Bayreuth, Germany.