Inspiration: The Messy Desks Of Einstein, Jobs, and Twain

Ran across an image of Albert Einstein’s desk and is reminded me of a post I had done about Steve Jobs after he passed last year. Both desks were what some would call ‘not organized in any particular fashion’. So I thought I’d poke around for more brilliant people’s desks when lo’ and behold I came across the desk of Mark Twain.

MIT seems to find a correlation between smarts and messiness, but it’s MIT, and is probably filled with messy-desked people who might be skewing the results in their favor.

Anyways, they say that “Messiness is often associated with artistic, creative and scientific or mathematical genius, spontaneity, but also with carelessness, eccentricity, madness and unreliability.”

They also noted that other messy-deskers were Francis Bacon, Alexander Fleming, and Alan Turing.