Unilever Americas Agile Office

Last week we were able to see Unilever’s Swiss headquarters that gave us an introduction to agile offices. Today, we have another example from Unilever in New Jersey.

A little more about the project from HDR Inc, the architects of the project:

The design team developed a dynamic planning concept that, by allowing for a variety of work settings, saves a significant amount of space by facilitating mobility and choice, along with collaborative work environments.

The result:  the Agile Workplace is a community of workspaces created by a clearly defined “kit of parts” organized into a stimulating environment to encourage new ways of working. Instead of defining space as 250 sf per seat, the Agile Workplace allows 115 sf per user. The original space had seemed tight with 68 cubicle stations; the same area can now accommodate 120 employees — almost twice as many — in an attractive modern environment.