The Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters Campus

Built in 2002, the campus of global clothing powerhouse Abercrombie & Fitch is located in New Albany, Ohio. Designed by Anderson Architects, it is located on a sprawling landscape of both tree cover and grassy meadows.

Regarding the workspaces, the architects share that “…the interior landscape of the buildings consists of clusters of large worktables in open, light-filled sheds.  Enclosed spaces within these areas are limited to special offices and conference areas, often occurring as tall towers flanking two-story voids.  Storage spaces, small meeting rooms and display areas create a train of “subway cars” that glide through the sheds and create accessible common areas.”

“This is a workplace that promotes interaction and innovation.  It takes clues from the language used to describe the A&F brand: relevance, lifestyle and authenticity.  It is a response to the evolution of the office: now, more than just a place to work.”

While the photos below are more of a campus tour without much workstation access, the place is pretty amazing nonetheless.

Some additional photos and info available at archrecord