Global Professional Consulting Group’s Offices

I feel like we’ve had a great week of both well-design and elegant workspaces. And today’s last office is a great way to finish off the week. Designed by Artillery, the offices of Global Professional Consulting Group look fantastic and maintain a professional appearance that you’d expect from a well-respected consulting firm for organizations.

“The firm is appointed by often competing businesses / political parties to advise on business, approach, policy etc. It is for this reason that the organisation is fragmented for much of the time in order to keep information safe. Teams are formed to work on projects for a set duration. Cross-fertilization of ideas mostly occurs within the smaller project team.

Despite this, our client wanted the design of their new office to reflect the power of one firm. It was crucial that team members were not isolated and that collaboration on neutral territory was possible.”


“The client’s culture is hard-working and based on meritocracy. It is not unusual for teams to work around the clock. It is for this reason that the new office space needed to provide comfort and effectiveness no matter what time of day with a variety of spaces encouraging private and open working.

“In overview, our client’s new office space needed to overcome several conflicts in order to preserve discretion and safe information, while opening up the office space to collaboration.  A sense of home and ownership were created despite the fluidity of teams”