Tour Disqus’ Comfortable and Balanced Offices

  • Client Disqus,
  • size 4,200 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Creating an office environment that is both functional and enjoyable for employees is a necessity for all companies. When Disqus set out to move offices last year, they wanted to be sure to the new space was well-designed and would help attract new talent, as well as help retain their already strong team.

    In order to help with the task of office layout and aesthetics, the company brought in Blitz Architecture + Interiors, a small design team that has helped companies from Skype to Stripe with their office design needs.

    The Disqus office is located on 2nd street in San Francisco and has a great look consisting of brick walls, natural light from the large windows, and exposed white beams in the ceiling. Colorful touches of blue, green, and red match up well with the subdued grays and black furniture choices.

    Employee workstations vary depending on their wishes. Some work at standup desks, others take a seated approach, while yet others have given both a try. Disqus does not have private offices, which is standard practice among many startups looking to save space and have a collaborative environment.

    Another area of the office is used as bicycle storage, which has helped encourage staff to ride to work. Employees also have several couches and casual seating areas throughout the office to encourage casual meetings and relaxation.

    The lunch area consists of two wonderful wooden tables and accented with Chinese lanterns. One wall is filled with quotes from Disqus users that validate the product for everyone to see.

    During my visit, I was able to see how the space has morphed and shifted through their growth, which I’m told has them moving again soon. Will provide images from my visit in the future as well.