Tour Grupo Gallegos, The Coolest Office You’ve Never Seen

Projects that surprise are the best. That’s why the offices of Grupo Gallegos are so fantastic.

Designed by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects and built into the shell of an old movie theater (that I’ve been to), the project completely transforms and revitalizes what could have been seen as useless space.

The office itself is located across the street from the Huntington Beach pier, giving employees access to the beach, sunshine, and a killer location. Because of this, the design incorporates elements of the beach like bright colors and the eye-catching sunbrellas.

LOHA worked to give employees a layout that would promote easy and meaningful collaboration. Part of that was done by knocking down walls and barriers to give ‘visual connectivity’. Tangram Studios worked to fit out the space with furniture that would work to bring a new culture and vibe to a creative company.

And they’ve got a basketball court.

Photography by Lawrence Anderson