Herman Miller Galore at MSN Mexico’s Office

  • Client MSN,
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Ran across this project over the weekend for MSN (Prodigy) Mexico that was completed in 2010 by Space. Here is a bit about the project:

    “Open and bright – The openness and translucency are evident in the whole Project. The layout gets all the advantage it can to the daylight. Most of the glassed façade is free, but there are a few points in which some meeting rooms and privet offices are next to the façade. Those spaces are closed with glass, that allowed the openness and brightness we were looking for. In addition, the workstations are low and they have translucent boards.

    Finally, in the hart of the project was built a long piece of private offices, conceptualized as a glass box in which it was designed some graphic patterns made of vinyl to made these spaces more privets but clear as well, they translate clearly the personality or Prodigy MSN.

    Multi-purpose spaces – This project was focused to be versatile. So, if we compare this project with a traditional one, we can find that this one didn’t look for a check list of needed spaces, moreover it creates spaces capable of respond to the client necessities. A clear example of this is the reception, which more than a wait-reception space, it is a node where employees, clients and visitors gets in. Into this node, it is located a coffee bar to make this approach warmer. There isn´t any physic board to separate this space to the work-space, and most of the meeting rooms are located into this node.

    The offices have a variety of casual meeting rooms spread in strategic points to allow communication among employees, and some of them have other functions, as the collection and storage bar.”