Yard House Offices – Irvine

  • Client Yard House Restaurants,
  • Year 2012
  • Location California, United States, Irvine,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Yard House Restaurants relocated its Irvine headquarters in 2010 and looked to create a more eco-friendly environment – hiring sustainable design architects, LPA Inc. to complete the work.

    Though the building was not designed to be sustainable, the office renovation took advantage of a number of design, planning, and materials options to make it a more environmentally friendly space.

    One of these choices was to reuse much of the office’s existing studs and materials to lessen the use of new materials – as well as reusing existing furniture from the previous offices. These are excellent sustainable solutions as the vast majority of new office projects use all new materials and new furnishings – which looks great no doubt – but still have to be manufactured and transported.

    The carpeting is made from recycled fibers and the wood flooring is sustainable produced and free of non toxic materials. Motion sensors, energy efficient hand dryers, and drought resistant plants were also used. Employees are also encouraged to use reusable cups to cut down on waste.

    In terms of workstations, the office offers a mixture of cubicle-style workstations as well as larger, executive-style private offices. Conference spaces and casual seating options are located throughout the space.

    Photography by LPA Inc. / Costea Photography