Index Ventures Offices – San Francisco

Index Ventures is a successful venture capital firm with offices in London, Geneva, and now in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco.

Expertly designed by Garcia Tamjidi, Index Ventures’ new office is located atop of a historic building complete with views of AT&T Park. The design allowed for a wonderfully bright office space due to the lightwell which provided natural light access from the existing skylights.

The venture firm’s space is also outfitted with “a café, bathrooms and a shower”, which allow the fast-paced team the ability to “arrive from travel abroad and hit the ground running.” The design also took advantage of “the latest technology in “smart” lighting by Redwood Systems, an Index Venture partner, runs on low voltage and adapts real-time by tracking room-by-room use and natural day-lighting during the course of the year.”

The aesthetic of the space matches modern white walls with the classic brick and timber offered by the building. Workstations and conferences spaces vary in size and variety – with some in the open and others enclosed by glass walls.

Design: Garcia Tamjidi
PhotographyJoe Fletcher