Villa Sonnehaert, The Home of the Dutch Premier League

Reconstructed from the ashes of a traditional mansion, the home of Dutch premiere and first league football association as well as two other associated organisations provides an inspirational workspace environment set in Zeist, NL.

Design firm Hollandse Nieuwe provided the following information about the interior:

“The building is a rebuilt villa and only the façade is original. Whilst the exterior looks like a traditional mansion, the interieur has no reference to its historical context.

An abstract of the world that is associated with professional football were the inspiration to develop a visual language based on studs, stitching, leather, chalk lines, patterns of mowed grass and shirt numbers.

Without becoming literal these elements form a new language where, for example, studs are used to make logo’s, patterns and figures; stitching is used in detailing benches; the green and white create a fresh and crisp atmosphere. The meeting place for football professionals.”

Workplace Design: Hollandse Nieuwe
Architecture: Studiozo
Photography:  Gerard van Beek