Red Bull Music Academy

  • Client Red Bull,
  • Year 2012
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Johnson Chou recently designed a transformational space for Red Bull with their design of the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto. The Music Academy project is an uncommon project in that it was temporary in nature and was planned to be replaced by Red Bull’s Canadian Headquarters. Let’s take a closer look-

    At the heart of the Academy’s design is its incorporation of Red Bull’s corporate mantra of  “mentorship” rather than sponsorship – as well as functioning as a forum for the exchange of ideas, an inspirational hub where knowledge and experience is gained and disseminated and the participants transformed through the experience.

    In terms of the look-and-feel of the space itself, there are some great elements beginning with the bright blue entry tube flanked by a great reception space – filled with stocks of Red Bull of course. Gathering spaces from enclosed, private rooms to open casual areas for impromptu meetings were envisioned to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas.

    Wonderful shapes and colors please the eyes; combining natural woods with futuristic silvers and straight lines with curved, eye-catching geometries.

    To me, this space perfectly represents Red Bull’s brand through and through – and not in the gimmicky way we’ve previously discussed. I look forward to presenting the final transformation of the space into a full-functional headquarters soon.

    DesignJohnson Chou Inc.
    PhotographyTom Arban Photography