CASA Agency’s Creative and Homely São Paulo Offices

  • Client JWT,
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Worldwide advertising giant JWT, whose Bogata and Los Angeles offices we’ve seen, has an awesome space for their São Paulo-based digital and innovation hub, CASA.

    “We are the digital and innovation hub of JWT Group in the world. CASA, in Portuguese, means “home”, and that’s what we are: a democratic space to invite the consumers and our clients to put up new ideas that work, without protocols. We don’t have meeting rooms, in fact we don’t even sit in assigned seats. Ideas are discussed on the sofa, drinking tea and eating homemade cakes.

    The office is located in a fully renovated house. When entering, the welcome is warm: Margot, a Golden Retriever, keeps employees company throughout the day.

    CASA Agency has some unusual spaces transformed into workplaces. Living room with fireplace, a gourmet kitchen that works as a meeting room and space to welcome guests for an afternoon tea, a library and a garage with comfortable couches and video game.
    Mobility is the word at CASA Agency.

    The environment is intended to stimulate the flow of people and information exchange. Professionals work with laptops and have no assigned seats, sitting according to the projects they are currently involved. The agency uses Extension Mobility technology, which allows that when occupying a certain place, the employee access his extension, network and internet.”

    Photography by Mabel Feres