TAXI’s Offices by Ideal Projects

Canadian-based advertising agency TAXI have a wonderful office space located in Amsterdam, which was designed by Ideal Projects.

“After having found the perfect location for their office on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, the Canadian advertising agency TAXI hired us to create an office ‘that doesn’t look like an office’.

TAXI’s philosophy embodies the notion that it’s best to work on projects with a small team of experts: as many as can fit into a cab and who are all heading in the same direction towards a clear goal. We therefore developed an office concept that captures the experience of the taxi ride. When visiting the agency, clients encounter a different landscape on each floor.

On the first floor is the grand old city with vintage furniture and historic urban features. On the second floor, it’s the modern city with straight lines and graphic shapes. The urban park is on the third floor, where people can relax and where presentations are held. And finally, on the top floor, homage is paid to the history of the Dutch canals: harbours, rough, raw and industrial.”

Design: Ideal Projects