Tour the Offices of Out Promo Agency

Here is a neat project that I recently received from Out Promo Agency, a promotional agency located in São Paulo, Brazil.

“Within an experience of 15 years, the three founders have always believed that good working environment influences the creativity and the development of the jobs. Initiatives like these are responsible for retaining employees who feel comfortable to express their ideas and motivate to work seriously.

The Great Place to Work Institute evaluates every year the world’s best companies to work for.

In 2011, the fun, relaxed atmosphere and the initiatives that value employees highlighted the Out Promo among the 110 reporting agencies participating in the research. We were delighted to be announced as the 6th best agency to work for in Brazil.

The frontage of the agency already shows the casual atmosphere, with huge colored graffiti made by some of the agency’s art directors. When you get to the lobby, there is music playing, a huge wall sticker in mouth’s shape on the stairs and a front desk which looks like a big piece of cake.

A structure of 1500 square meters which includes proper environment for selecting and training with a capacity for 130 people. In addition, the agency has four meeting rooms, a garden, a pool table, barbecue, a fridge with beer for happy hours and promotes various themed events such as Halloween and Brazilian June Festival.”