NerdWallet Offices – San Francisco

NerdWallet, your best friend for financial comparisons, recently moved into a new San Francisco office with the help of design firm, IDF Studio.

In terms of style, NerdWallet was interested in having an office that was comfortable, fun, and energetic – but that didn’t work to distract employees from their work. One way IDF worked to minimize distraction was the installation of several phonebooths where employees can make a call without worrying about privacy.Instead of using ‘on air’ lights to notify their use, the designers used the Nerd theme and changed them to ‘Nerding’.

And rather than bringing in noisy workout equipment, the company’s founder asked that they have a set of monkeybars installed.

Workstations are located near the windows to give access to natural light. Walls use chalkboard paint and Idea Paint to give additional space to work out equations or leave messages for one another. And just for fun, the word ‘save’ is written on the walls in different languages.

Interior Design Fair adds, “We created a collage above the sofa in the lounge area, which contains photos that the clients selected based on the money theme. There’s one of Capital One spokesman Alec Baldwin, for example, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos; and the infamous animated tycoon, Scrooge McDuck.”

Enjoy the tour!

DesignIDF Studio
Photography: Helynn Ospina