Check Out the Offices of the New South Wales RailCorp

  • Client NSW RailCorp,
  • Location Burwood, Australia,
  • Industry Non-Profit / Government,
  • The New South Wales Rail Corporation recently moved into a new ~4000sqm office space with the help of InVogue Group. Our images below show a space that is both bright and cheery from the abundance of natural light and the splashes of color found throughout the office.

    Workstations are fairly standard desks, found both in rails along the walls and in cubicle setups. While most people have an outright negative feeling of ‘cubicles’, these are more akin to space dividers as they let light in and offer privacy when seated. In addition the desks also offer more actual desktop space than many open desk arrangements we see.

    Perhaps my favorite feature of the office is the kitchen/cafe space. As above, it is light, bright, and open – and the wooden floors and cabinetry look marvelous.

    Design: InVogue Group