Workplace Element: IdeaPaint Walls

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the last several years of writing about offices, it is that collaboration is definitely an important thing to consider planning for in your office designs.

I’ve written about planning for it here. Here is a popular post of mine showing collaborative spaces. I’ve also showed that many workplaces use brainstorming walls to boost creativity and collaboration.¬†While all of that is great, it is important to point out that one product seems to have brought collaborating and walls into the same sentence permanently.


While many people might argue that whiteboards have been around for years, and chalkboards before that, I believe that IdeaPaint has really helped usher in a renaissance of creativity and non-standard workstyles in todays offices.

I’ve also put together an inspiring gallery of photos of IdeaPaint installations below. What do you use for wall writing in your office?