Inside The Photography Studio Of 2Skills

  • Client 2skills,
  • size 1,000 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location Siegen, Germany,
  • Industry Design,
  • The founders of 2skillsJohannes Ginsperg and Tristan Neuhaus, have created a wonderful environment in their studio space. Located in Siegen, Germany, the two person team shoots and edits both photos and video for weddings and advertising campaigns.

    The space’s layout and style was crafted by the duo’s design sensibilities without any professional help. They note that some inspiration came from Charles Eames, which you can see manifested through the use of the classic side and lounge chairs. Additionally, the waiting room/lounge has an awesome Union Jack SMEG refrigerator – a brand we’ve seen in great offices like Airbnb.

    At around 1000 sqft, the studio contains two workspaces, a larger meeting space – which both feature beautiful tables of wood from a local mill which were made by a friend of the team. And of course a studio space which gives plenty of room to shoot.

    With white walls and several windows, it seems that the office doesn’t have must need for artificial light. Tristan added the following about the lighting: “The hanging light is the only light source. We are using LED light and energy efficient bulbs. The bulbs above the conference table are from NUD Design. The one above our working table are old industrial ones from 1920. We’ve found them on ebay.”