The Offices of Clickview

  • Client Clickview,
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Educational video company Clickview has an appealing 2-level office located in Pyrmont, a suburb of Sydney. The design of the space was completed by Sheldon, a commercial office fitout specialist.

    Workstations are spread across both floors of the office using an open layout without barriers to promote openness. In addition, the open nature of the office is assisted by the large windows which bring in a large amount of natural light from outside.

    The office also takes advantage of bar-height tables to give both an additional casual seating zone among their beanbags and couches as well as providing room for quick team meetings. With a fridge filled with beer located at the end of it, you can bet the meetings are great. We’ve looked at these sorts of tables before as well.

    Using mostly black, shades of gray, and splashes of orange – the space stays professional yet youthful. The designers note that ‘color and custom designed joinery help to intensify the simple material palette of the fitout’.

    Design: Sheldon