Inside JWT’s Shanghai Offices

  • Client JWT,
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Global advertising firm JWT has moved into a new Shanghai office with the help of M Moser Associates. With a goal of creating a workspace that fosters a continuous simmering of ideas and inspiration, this new office has a very elegant yet fun vibe.

    M Moser shares about the project:

    “The recent redesign and renovation of the firm’s 1,680 sq-m Shanghai office shows that there are more ways than one to achieve the requisite ‘architecture of creativity’. Yang Yeo, Chief Creative Officer, JWT Shanghai, explains the initial motives that kicked off the project: “On a practical level, the old office had 120-degree office system furniture with partitions, which stopped people from communicating with each other. It compelled you to sit down and stay put. For a creative agency like us, that can be very limiting.

    “We were also finding that our people tended to go outside to do their work, to places that were more inspirational. More often than not, they would end up in cafes near the office. That led us to the idea of creating an equally comfortable and inspiring environment right here.”

    With this in mind, M Moser set to work creating an office that brings the cafe environment to JWT. One area within the office is designed to mimic a cafe with the firm’s many awards lined up live beverages behind a bar. Tables are arranges for staff to sit down, be comfortable, and collaborate.

    “Up above, an exposed ceiling adds a hint industrial flavour to the space whilst maximising headroom.
    Below, a scattering of seating arrangements – including simple picnic-like tables and benches and circular café tables with ornate, post-modern chairs – reinforces the relaxed, eclectic café ambience.”

    Employee workstations are by teams arranged using benches made of beautiful Chinese oak. But in order to eliminate the large factory feeling, storage was place between teams giving more visual privacy. This area is flanked by a long wall where ideas and current projects can be pinned and discussed as a group.

    Design: M Moser Associates