Bulldog Drummond’s San Diego Office

Bulldog Drummond, the San Diego-based innovation and design consultancy, has a wonderful space located just down the street from Balboa Park in a Victorian house-turned-office which they have dubbed “The Manor”.

Inspired by English country manor style, CEO Shawn Parr comments on the theme:

“We used deep reds, mustard yellow and we bought in beautiful bookcases from India, tables from Indonesia and sofas and chairs designed to mimic a country home. That design theme held up for 10 years.  Old looked new and every visitor commented on it.

Our recent update was inspired by my visits at the Crosby in Soho.  It’s a total oasis in the middle of Manhattan, a little bit of civility in the middle of it all. I was definitely inspired by the colors, fabrics and the artwork, and no matter the interior design we always serve tea.”

Prior to Bulldog Drummond’s occupancy, the building housed an architectural firm who had maintained The Manor’s distinctive home essence. Upon moving in, it was simple to move in and begin making it their own.   New visitors to the office enjoy the comfortable and warm vibe of the home which usually supports 16-20 employees all working from shared dining room tables.

Enjoy the tour!